Sarah Solarik

Sarah Solarik

Specialty: Yoga, Mindfulness

An instant love affair for Sarah, this thing called Yoga. She knew immediately she wanted to learn how to share that with others once she began her journey. Influenced by teachers, students, and peers Sarah brings a unique sense of empowerment to her classes. Whether teaching vinyasa, hot, power, inversions or educating on the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, her wish is that each student finds, through breath, a way to connect to their inner source and leave the session feeling recharged.

Sarah’s educational background includes a MA from The Ohio State University in Human Resource Management, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200, CPR/First Aid certified having taught close to 5,500+ hours since 2012.  I’m also a certified Yoga Gangster Volunteer, helping at-risk youths manage stress through the power of Yoga.

Sarah believes our yoga practice is a true reflection of our lives off the mat and her passion is to help others learn how to embody that flow. Her desire for teaching comes from being inspired by how this practice brings people together and creates community.

Sarah's Classes