bendFIT is your online fitness studio from the comfort and security of your own home or wherever life takes you. Our fitness and wellness offerings are community oriented and supported by professionals who add real value to your experience with us. From certified trainers, to consulting sports medicine physicians, to merchants supplying quality workout wear, we are your neighbors and community. That is what is most important to us. We’d love to hear how you’ve grown through our fitness and wellness offerings and welcome your feedback so we can continue to provide quality, meaningful content that matters to you. We are proud to be sponsored by BODYARMOR and Bend Active.


BODYAMOR LYTE Hydration is essential to your active life, and for that, BODYARMOR LYTE is the perfect low calorie sports drink.  It’s made with no artificial sweeteners and no sugar added, plus potassium-packed electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins and coconut water.  BODYARMOR LYTE. More Than a Sports Drink. 

BODYARMOR SPORTWATER  is the hydration choice for your active lifestyle. With an alkaline pH 9+ and proprietary electrolyte formula, BODYAMOR SportWater is the ultimate all-day hydration partner – so you can do more and give more. BODYARMOR SportWater.  MADE FOR MORE.

BODYARMOR SPORTS DRINK  hydrates today’s athletes, no matter their game or goal, by giving them the hydration they need to win. Using coconut water as the base, BODYARMOR Sports Drink provides potassium-packed electrolytes, antioxidants and is made with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes.  It’s hard-working hydration and more.  BODYARMOR. More Than a Sports Drink.

Bend Active

Bend Active, founded in 2015, is a Dublin, Ohio based athleisure apparel brand that encourages people to be flexible, strong, and resilient in both Body and Mind.  Bend Active separates itself from other apparel brands by creating custom, everyday apparel that has a high degree of functionality.  In addition, Bend Active has licensing agreements with a number of the top Colleges and Universities throughout the country including The Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky.  Bend Active markets their apparel throughout the United States with an International reach as well.

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